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  • We're creative. We're passionate. We love what we do.

Simply Made. By Paula.

We're creative. We're passionate. We love what we do.

Macrame Wall Hanging Art

Create you own boho space with a beautiful touch of handmade macrame products

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Macrame Wall Plant Hangers

Bring the outdoors in; create your own garden in your favorite space at home and add a natural touch of handmade macrame plant hangers.

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Macrame Market Bags

Macrame Wall Hanging Art

Magical combination of the diagonal clove knots, beautifully attached on the carefully picked piece of driftwood. Georgous Wall Hanging Macrame Art, made of high-quality 100% cotton 3mm ropes.


Macrame Clutch

Carefully handmade Macrame Clutch is a very unique accessory. With the natural boho outlook it fits all of the outfits: casual, sport & elegant. Made of high-quality 5mm twisted ropes.


Macrame Window Curtain - Alladin

Mesmerizing Macrame Window Curtain/Wall Hanging Art Decor. Excellent decoration for the boho interiors; gives a perfect natural outlook and eco finish; Made of high quality 3mm cotton ropes.


Recent Reviews

Looks amazing in my living room, can't express just how happy I am with it. Very well made, definitely recommend! :)


Another lovely hanger! Very well made and can hold a pretty large plant. My prayer plant seems to be enjoying it's new home.


Beautiful hanger - my third from this shop! Looks fabulous in my lounge. Lovely work, friendly seller, speedy shipping. Thoroughly recommended!


A little bit about us

Simply Made. By Paula is a handmade label. Our goal is to share the passion and love to all of the unique handmade products, bohemian interiors & natural decorations.

We are happy to do customized orders, the only thing you need to do is to get in touch with us. We are here for you! :)

For all deliveries, please note that all of our products are fully handmade and sometimes it takes a bit more time to make the perfect for you.

The time to process your order is as follow:

Plant Hangers / Bags - 3-5 business days

Macrame Wall Hanging / Curtains - 5 to 14 business days

Are you interested in getting much more items? Please get in touch if you have any queries and we will discuss the time we would need to process your order.

We hope that you will find your own small piece of heaven ! :)